♫ intervals!

a music theory quiz courtesy of teoria.js

(because sometimes you want to study for your theory exam and code at the same time.)

this is how we roll.

The quiz will randomly select two notes (naturals, sharps and flats — double sharps and double flats may appear in the second note, but not in the first. It screws things up). Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to determine the interval between the two notes.

You'll select the quality of the interval using the radio buttons and enter the distance in numeral form (i.e. "2" or "7", not "second" or "seventh") in the text box. Once you submit, the script tells you how you did and a new interval is generated. It'll keep going until you get bored.

The first note is the bottom note! You'll be identifying rising intervals.

These are the abbreviations.

These are text approximations of musical symbols:

You'll see these when you get your results. They don't use the traditional notations (+, -, ×, °) because those aren't how they're referenced in teoria.js.

this is the interval.

this is where you answer.



this is how you did.

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